Masonry is a unique institution unlike other organizations, Its
mysteries have been passed down mouth to ears for centuries. It is
not a secret society, but, simply keeps Masonic information within
its society and is not open to the public at large; just as a family
would keep certain tacts from their neighbors.

Freemasonry is an international fraternity or brotherhood of masons,
whose members practice Masonic philosophy. This philosophy was
derived from early stone masons who formed societies and
associations to teach and help one another. Their tools and certain
parts of buildings were given particular meanings. Modem masonry
or speculative masonry is the study and practice of these tools and
principles to build standards of conduct and morality within the
individual. Its principles promote equality, tolerance, cooperation
and mutual assistance among its members.


Recent Events


Grand Visitation 2017-18

2017-18 Grand-Visitation

MWB Dennis and officers visited Lodges.

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64TH AnnCom

64th Annual Communication

Asia Pacific Masonic Confederation Conference.

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2017 Scottish Rite Fall Reunion

Scottih Rite

2017 Fall Reunion of the Scottih Rite


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UGLE Celebrating 300 years
UGLE Celebrating 300 years
UGLE Celebrating 300 years

Latest updates

2016-17 Joint Installation

27 AUG 2016 PM15:00 Joint Installation ceremony of Blue lodges, All Elected Officers were installed, Guests and Family were attended the installation at masonic temple also to the Banquet Dinner at ACC Taipei.

Scottish Rite Fall reunion 2016

SCOTTISH RITE FALL REUNION 2016 TAIPEI -TAIWAN September 23th and 24th, 2016

RW Chi Mou Chen has passed away on September 15, 2015. His Masonic funeral was held on 8:30 A.M.,3 Oct 2015 atTaipei City Mortuary Services Office Second Funeral Parlor. Bros attent the Masonic funeral ceremony to express condulence to him.

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