MWB Dernnis 2016-17

Most W. Grand Master Dennis Liao

Most Worshipful Sirs,  Right Worshipful Sirs, Very Worshipful Sirs, Very Reverend Sirs, Worshipful Sirs, brethren, sisters and guests,
First of all, I thank all brethren for your trust and support in electing me to this time-honored position. Honestly it came a bit sooner than I have expected.
Many have asked me if I am ready. My answer would be that I am not ready, but I can never be better prepared than now.
I have served as Deputy Grand Master for three years, and kind of get used to hiding under the shelter of the Grand Master.
It is about time to leave the comfort zone to take the challenges.
My predecessors, the many Past Grand Masters have laid down a good foundation for our Craft. What they have accomplished are certainly big shoes for me to fit.
Therefore, I will go down to the very basics, the three principal tenets of Freemasonry: brotherly love, truth and relief which are what make a good man.
I also want to stress the importance of peace and harmony within our fraternity. Even real family members would have disagreements sometimes, so it is inevitable that there would be disputes among Masonic brethren.
However, we should let go of private piques and make peace with our brethren. We join Masonry for its unique experience and to have fun. Let’s put aside our differences and enjoy Masonry together.
At the Grand Communication earlier today, we discussed a lot about the power of the Grand Master.
To me, the Grand Master is only a chief among equals. If he is granted any power, it is the privilege to lead by example, to be the one to show what should be done. For that, I invite all to review our rituals and lectures,
and reflect on ourselves. Keep those great teachings in mind, practice them at home and our daily life and live like a Mason.
One year is really too short to change the world or even the Grand Lodge of China, but it is more than enough time to change ourselves for better.
Let us take home with what we have learned at APMCC, work from within and be a better man.
We will then have a better Grand Lodge, a better community, a better country and eventually a better world.
With all your blessings and supports, I am confident to take on the important duties as Grand Master! 
Thank you!
 Grand Master Dennis
Inauguration speech
2016-17 GLOC Most Worshipful Grand Master Dennis Liao


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